the boron solution for seriously deficient soils

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Did you know

Boron is the first nutrient taken up by a plant.

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Boron Deficiency

Many of these symptoms can be misinterpreted as weather phenomena.  Don’t be fooled!


Soil Type

Soils with low organic matter content, acidic soils, and sandy soils are particularly prone to Boron deficiency. The most consistent responses to this boron product have been observed on coarse textured soils with low organic matter content and on recently limed acidic soils over the whole range of soil textures.

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Boron is highly mobile, and is easily leached from soils. Note that Boron can be stabilized with Humic Acid to produce Boron Humate.

Examples of Boron deficiency

Applying boron after hail

Boron promotes healing in wounded plants and is highly recommended for use after hail. Boron is an essential micronutrient, critical for cell division and structure, and sugar transport in the plant.



How expensive is sunTalta Boron?

It is EXTREMELY ECONOMICAL to correct deficient soils.  Application of Sunalta Boron costs around a dollar per acre!

Can Boron reduce clubroot Development

Application of Boron has been shown to reduce clubroot development in Canola!  Ask us more about how Boron can reduce clubroot!

How to apply Sunalta Boron

Use with glyphosate at pre-burn or other soil applied liquid fertilizer or humate products.  Perfect for blending and application with fertilizers and pesticides